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Plastic Cream Jar-Pros Of Plastic Double Jar

Double-layer Jar are made of plastic and are the main high-quality packaging option for the cosmetics industry. Its entire surface is smooth and its wide mouth design makes it perfect for personal care creams or powder products. The double-layer water tank is unique in its two-layer structure-see it as a water tank in a water tank. It allows small batches (0.5 to 4 ounces) to stand out from large batches. Because jars are made of two layers of plastic, they are usually made white to give them a solid appearance.

Although these jars have many closure options, the plastic dome cap looks complete because the rounded corners of the dome are complementary to the round bottom. Many product manufacturers using these jars also use jar seals as dust caps to protect products on the shelf.


High-end look when paired with a dome cap
Ideal for cream or powder products
The double layer structure provides an additional barrier to the element

The   Plastic Cream Jar    series is very suitable for the cosmetics market. Its unique design, unique and beautiful appearance are very convenient and practical. Ningbo RUICHANG Commodity Packaging CO , Ltd . is a professional China manufacturer and supplier of plastic cream cans. Welcome to buy:

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Plastic Bottle Manufacturer -Round Bottom: Related Matters

1. Mathematical point of view, saving costs. When the circumference is fixed, the area of the circle is the largest, and nearby circles can save raw materials. This is also the first reason to promote this circle.

2. Aesthetic perspective, lasting ugly. The long-term habit of forming a circle is more aesthetically pleasing.

3. Simple manufacturing angle and process. Whether it's glass or plastic, you can easily draw a circle. Other shapes need to be remade and the process is difficult to guarantee.

4. Behavioral perspective, easy to use. The round shape matches the human body for easy grip.


As a professional    Plastic Bottle Manufacturer  and supplier  in China. Ningbo RuiChang Commodity Packaging Co , Ltd . provides high-quality products for various containers and bottles. Welcome to consult and buy:

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Cosmetic Airless Bottles-Extended Product Shelf Life

 airless packaging technology is a new concept with absolute advantages. This packaging technology has helped bring many new brands and new formulations to market. Once the  airless package is assembled, from filling of the package to consumer use, almost minimal air can enter the container, contaminating or decomposing the contents. This is the advantage of  airless packaging-it provides safe packaging for the product, avoids contact with air, reduces the possibility of change and oxidation, especially the need for protection and delicate natural ingredients, and avoids the requirement of adding preservatives. Packaging is even more important to extend the shelf life of a product.



The contents of the cosmetic  airless bottle can be completely isolated from the air, avoiding oxidative deterioration and bacterial growth caused by contact with the air, and upgrading the product through high-tech concepts. Cosmetic  airless bottles used on the market include a cylindrical oval container and a piston at the bottom.



The contents of the cosmetic  airless bottle can be completely isolated from the air, avoiding oxidative deterioration and bacterial growth caused by contact with the air, and upgrading the product through high-tech concepts. Cosmetic  airless bottles used on the market include a cylindrical oval container and a piston at the bottom. Its design principle is to use the contraction force of the spring, instead of letting air enter the bottle, resulting in a  airless state, and using atmospheric pressure to push the piston at the bottom of the bottle forward. However, due to the spring force and atmospheric pressure, sufficient force cannot be provided, so the piston cannot be attached to the bottle wall too tightly, otherwise, the piston will not be able to rise due to excessive resistance. Conversely, if the piston is easy to advance and leak easily, the cosmetic  airless bottle places high demands on the professionalism of the manufacturer.







airless-packed products differ from standard suction or standard pumps.  airless packaging uses the principle of separating the internal cavity to squeeze out the contents. When the inner membrane moves up to the inside of the bottle, a pressure builds up, at which point the contents are present in a  airless close to 100%. Another  airless method is to use a  airless bag placed in a rigid container, the concept is almost the same. The former is widely used and is an important selling point for the brand because it consumes less resources and can be considered "green".


Product preservation and hygiene are the key values ​​of  airless packaging. Once the contents are removed, the original  airless packaging cannot be replaced. Because the design principle is to ensure that each use is fresh, safe and careless, which is the internal mechanism of our product, there is no doubt that the spring will rust and will not pollute the product content.


Consumer perceptions also substantiate the value of  airless products. Compared with general standard pumps, sprayers, straws and other packaging components, the use of cosmetic  airless bottles is smooth, the number is fixed and the appearance is high, which makes it a large market for cosmetics.


Ningbo RuiChang Commodity Packaging Co , Ltd . is a professional manufacturer and supplier of    Cosmetic Airless Bottles    in China. In skin care packaging, cosmetic  airless bottles are both beautiful and practical choices, providing a high-end, luxurious look, while also keeping the product properly. Welcome to buy our cosmetic  airless bottle products:



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Lotion Pump Operation: 4 Things

First press-When the actuator is pressed for the first time, the actuator compresses the spring together with the SUB-STEM by connecting the STEM actuator. During the compression spring, the outer wall of the piston and the shell of the inner cavity wall friction, which urges the piston to open the SUB-STEM. Drain hole. When the piston moves through the air in the casing, the slippage drops and the SUB-STEM discharge hole is opened;

Press more actuators-the air in the housing is completely exhausted;


Guide the liquid into the pump casing-press the actuator through STEM, SUB-STEM, PTSTON, and work together to compress the spring after the air in the casing is exhausted, releasing the actuator and the spring to move backward due to pressure loss At this time, the piston moves the shell wall downwards through friction, the SUB-STEM drain hole is closed, the liquid storage cavity is formed when the shell is in a vacuum liquid state, and the glass ball rises, which will cause the liquid in the bottle to enter the containing liquid through the dip tube Storage Room.


Retain Liquid-Press more pressure to retain the liquid on the case until it is full.

Drain the liquid—Press the pump actuator again. When the housing is full, the liquid will flow directly from the drain port through the drain hole.


Ningbo RUICHANG Commodity Packaging CO , Ltd. is a professional China manufacturer and supplier of Lotion Pump   . View lotion pump products, welcome to visit:

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Square Bottle-Cosmetic Product Series Design Combination

Like any kind of product, cosmetics also need to rely on packaging to achieve final sales, and this is extremely dependent on packaged goods. Not only because the characteristics of cosmetic ingredients need to protect the safety and stability of the product, but also because cosmetics themselves are a special kind of commodity, which carries people's desire to beautify themselves.

In order to achieve successful design results, we need to systematically design cosmetic packaging.

Brand positioning is based on the target market needs and the target consumer's psychological needs to establish their own market position or consumer's psychological status, so as to determine the brand's unique proposition, thereby creating a huge appeal to the target consumer and establishing a brand positioning. Unique market position.

In the process of establishing this status, a carrier for brand endorsement is needed. As a brand's image, packaging design enables consumers to identify the brand's value concept and product quality through visual channels. After defining the brand positioning, packaging design can become a goal, serve the brand more effectively, and become a meaningful design.


Packaging design itself is a theme based on brand and culture, requiring designers not only to pursue the temporary benefits of creativity and fashion, but also to accurately grasp the positioning of the brand in order to transform packaging design into an important way to build a brand. Brand connotation and create lasting brand value.

With a wide variety of cosmetics, consumers have more and more choices. As an enterprise, it is necessary to classify and design product packaging based on the efficacy and ingredients of the product to facilitate consumer recognition and purchase of cosmetics. In the classification design of product packaging, regular design is mainly carried out through changes in packaging shape, color, bottle stickers and other elements. In general, the packaging design of a series of products can adopt the following combinations:

① Same container shape and different container colors. This design can use cosmetics with similar efficacy but different use time. For example, for the same series of morning and night creams, two different container colors are often used to distinguish the concept of time.

② Same container shape and color. Bottle stickers with the same design style, but with one or more design elements changed and implemented. This design scheme is usually used for a series of cosmetics with the same function but different ingredients. For example, for cosmetics of the same fruit series, because they all use fruit formulas, they use the same design style container, but the fruit formula is divided into pomegranate, lemon, tomato and other formulas, so you can draw the corresponding fruit pattern bottle stickers to distinguish them .

③ Containers with complementary shapes Most of the products that execute this design plan are products with auxiliary functions. For example, in the same series of shampoos and conditioners, in order to reflect the unity of the two, and suggest that consumers should use them in the form of a set to increase sales, usually the packaging of the two will be designed as a whole and combined into one New overall shape.

In short, according to the different classifications of cosmetics series, adopting corresponding design methods will provide consumers with more effective, intuitive, and convenient guidance of consumption methods, which is beneficial to both enterprises and consumers.

① Container appearance design According to the degree of change of container surface, we can divide it into simple and bright type, moderate change type and complex decoration type. Simple and bright containers usually use a combination of flat and curved surfaces. The surface of the container has no relief effect, so the forming process of the container is relatively simple. This type of container occupies a large proportion in the cosmetics market due to its simple process and simple appearance.

② There are also some cosmetic containers with relatively simple shapes, but the surface of the container will be slightly decorated, for example, the cutting and undulation changes on the container will be small, and some relief decoration effects will be made on the surface. For example, when printing a glass bottle with high temperature ink, it is not easy to discolor and the color is relatively dull, and when printing with low temperature ink, the color is relatively bright. Therefore, the choice of color of the container must not only consider the visual experience, but also the feasibility of the technology.

③ container surface decoration design usually has two methods to decorate the container surface: texture and pattern. The texture usually covers the entire surface of the container. Textures can also be composed of text, which can not only decorate the product itself, but also enhance the brand image. The pattern will selectively appear in a part of the container and pay more attention to the composition effect. There are many forms of expression of patterns, which can be lines full of formal beauty. The lines are usually soft and beautiful, with text. Patterns can also be personalized and stylish in the form of graffiti. The pattern can also take the form of a color block. The shape of the color blocks can be regular or arbitrary, which is closely related to the product quality represented by the product.

④ Bottle sticker design Bottle sticker is usually used in plastic, metal and glass bottles, but rarely used in paper packaging. The design of the bottle sticker is similar to the surface decoration design of the container. They arrange some textures, patterns, images and other elements, but the most important point of bottle stickers is the exchange of brand and product information. Because the bottle sticker has text content, the design of the bottle sticker pays more attention to the typographic effect.

It should be noted that most cosmetics with bottle stickers usually have a front bottle sticker and a rear bottle sticker. The back bottle sticker is usually just a large number of explanatory words, and the form is relatively simple, as long as the style is consistent with the front bottle sticker. The front of the bottle has the brand name, product name, brief description of the product and other text content, as well as logo images, raw material images, decorative images and more. In design, all the above elements should be included in a harmonious form.

Cosmetic packaging design is an orderly and systematic process. The definition of brand positioning and the need for brand concepts should be the design prerequisites that designers must first master. In the specific in-depth design, the shape, color, surface decoration, bottle stickers and other elements of the container should be fully considered and perfected, and finally the perfect packaging design can be achieved.



Ningbo RuiChang Commodity Packaging Co , Ltd . is a professional cosmetics bottle company and factory that produces    Square Bottle    . Square bottles help to enhance the image of cosmetic packaging. Welcome to inquire:

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